AIDIMME is the merge of the Technology Institute on Furniture, Wood and Packaging (AIDIMA) and the Technology Institute for the metal-mechanic (AIMME), in April 2016. AIDIMA was founded in 1984 to contribute to increase the competitiveness in the Spanish sector for the furniture, wood, packaging and related industries, especially in all aspects related to quality, technological innovation, training, information, security, and environment.

AIDIMME is a private, non-profit organization created to improve the management in the areas of design, production, marketing, and to empower of export activities. Its associated companies are one of the most important values of the organization, which is one of the most recognized Technological Centers in the world. Among its different activities are: Research and Technological Development and Innovation Programs (R&D), Design and development of products, Standardization and certification, Quality and security, Environmental, Logistics and process technology, Packing and transportation of goods, Information technologies, Training, Information, Market analysis and strategy, Advice, consulting and advance services, Cooperation, Internationalization, Dissemination and technological transfer.


In the project AIDIMME mainly will lead the Furniture Trial by conducting the experimentation and implementation of the pilot using our experience in creating living lab environments with real manufacturing companies. AIDIMME will lead the Furniture Pilot defining the user scenarios, requirements and business expectations in WP2; the business-innovation strategies, adding eco-design and CO2 footprint knowledge in the assessment. AIDIMME will lead WP10 for the all the Trials experimentation and demonstration. AIDIMME will contribute in the dissemination and exploitation activities in WP11.