BIBA is a scientific engineering research institute, located in the northern part of Germany. It was founded in July 1981 as one of the first affiliated institutes of the University of Bremen. With around 120 employees, including 80 research scientists, PhD-students and administrative staff, it is one of the biggest research institutes of the state. BIBA is directly linked to the university’s department of Production Engineering and offers lectures and workshops to educate students in mechanical engineering, management and logistics topics. As an interdisciplinary research institute with scientists with backgrounds ranging from mechanical engineering, automatic control and computer science to logistics and economics, BIBA develops organisational and technical solutions and puts them into practice in SMEs as well as multinational companies.


BIBA has many years of experience in research and management in international projects. BIBA’s role in the project has been defined according to its core competencies. It has successfully lead Requirements Engineering and business modelling in the COIN and MSEE projects, while experience in network design and optimisation has its roots in the ECOLEAD project participation. In addition BIBA has sound knowledge in PLM and SLM and contributed this to several research projects, e.g. CONCLORE and PROMISE. According to this BIBA hosted and co-organised the 7th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management in 2010. The concept of Extended Products that has its origin at the BIBA is strongly related to PLM and SLM.

BIBA will lead the work package on “User scenarios, Requirements Engineering and Business Validation” in order to develop a symbiotic RE framework, capture the requirements of the industrial partners and other stakeholders, as well as validate the results of the project. Connected to this, mechanisms for knowledge sharing and protection in product-service design will be researched in WP5.1. Corresponding new internet enabled service-oriented business models are identified in WP7.2. A Semantic Mediation Layer implemented by BIBA in WP5.3 will ensure a unified access to data in context of Manufacturing Intelligence and be used for semantic search, configuration and optimization of product-service networks in WP8.1.