Innovalia Association is an independent private Associated Research Lab. Innovalia, with more than 25 years of experience in technology-based product and service innovation with SMEs, assists SMEs in the development of ICT-based solutions in the areas of information security, software quality, M2M and mobile multimedia information services. Innovalia products and services address major telecom operators, broadcasters, transport infrastructure operators and manufacturing industries.  Innovalia has an international presence, with premises in Spain – Basque Country, Madrid, Catalonia, Canary Island; Europe; Asia, Central and South America. Innovalia Association is a Technology Agent of the Basque Country Innovation Network (Innobasque) and assembles skills, laboratories and resources from its four foundational companies. The Innovalia Association is organised into three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit, Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit, Manufacturing and Knowledge Management. Read more

Innovalia’s business activities broadly span the whole European market, the supply of RTD services, the networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME collaboration activities and SME training. Innovalia enjoys a very high level of collaboration with large numbers of companies throughout Spain and the European continent. Among others, the activity sectors where the Innovalia Association focuses its activity include: Aeronautics and Space, Automotive, Electronics & Communications, SME Management, Industrial, Tourism and Entertainment, Metal-mechanics. Furthermore, it has established alliances with reference partners in their field and participates in the key European Technology Platforms and Associations: NanoFUTURES, MANUFUTURE, EUSPEN, EFFRA, EMVA, Photonics XXI, IEEE, WWRF, eMobility, ePOSS and CiC Tourgune.

Currently, Innovalia Association leads the Task Force “SMEs in the Future Internet” of the FInES Cluster. Innovalia is part of FITMAN Core Consortium (FI-PPP Phase II Use Case project for the manufacturing sector), being the leader of the Digital Factory and main partner in the Smart Factory. Innovalia is also leading I4MS-Gate (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) an action to support the 77 M€ initiative designed to help high-tech SMEs exploit through open calls the experimentation of innovative  ICT services, as part of the PPP FoF under Horizon 2020. Furthermore, Innovalia is core partner of the CP-CSA FABulous which aims to leverage FI-service ecosystem for 3D printing linking ICT and manufacturing industries, being also the main contact to the ICT for manufacturing SMEs and supporting the experiments design and trial infrastructure selection. Innovalia is also partner of FP7 OSMOSE, being responsible of the Pilots and Experimentations, the Socio-Business Verification & Validation, and Business Application Manufacturing Supply Chain Traceability in Automotive.

Innovalia is also leading the development of the security and trust model for interorganisational enterprise collaboration as part of FP7 ComVantage IP. Innovalia has also taken part in the ITEA2 gold and silver award winning projects MULTIPOL and METAVERSE, where security solutions for multi-domain environments have been developed.

Innovalia Association was the coordinating entity of the FP6 Integrated Project Nano-CMM, one of the few integrated projects led by a high-tech SME, which was selected by the EC as a success story in 2012. It has also long experience in technical coordination of projects, such as iTETRIS in FP7, CELTIC ICARUS and FP6 projects MULTINET and CSA REDEST. It has also served as Business Innovation Office of the FP6 Integrated Project Co-Spaces and it is the Spanish cluster representative of the European Europortal Project. On national level, Innovalia is the technical coordinator of FASyS, one of 18 Spanish flag-ship industrial R&D projects in 2009 (CENIT programme), addressing advanced ICT solutions for secure and healthy factories of the future.


Innovalia Association will lead the development of the symbiotic engineering-manufacturing multi-directional collaboration to be extended to all the phases of the Product Lifecycle (WP3). Moreover, INNO will participate in the remaining four symbiotic areas development (product-service, knowledge-sentiment, SOA-EDA, and business-innovation) in the manufacturing aspects. On the other hand, INNO will lead the innovation implementation and management of the project, designing and implementing the innovation roadmap and activities to ensure the visibility of the results among the various value chain stakeholders. Finally, INNO will be the main contact to the SMEs using its networks such as I4MS community, FInES Cluster and EFFRA membership to reach the industrial SMEs interested in the product-service ecosystem. Thus, INNO will lead the SMEs engagement, due to its experience in FITMAN (FI-PPP Phase II use case project in manufacturing) and FABulous (FI-PPP Phase III CP-CSA in 3D printing) projects.