The EUROPEAN VIRTUAL LABORATORY FOR ENTERPRISE INTEROPERABILITY (I-VLab) is a Belgian International non-profit making Association.

I-VLab pursues the objectives to develop the Research, to coordinate the Education Programmes, to promote the Innovation and the Research Transfer and  to support the development of Standard in the domain of Enterprise Interoperability and associated domains as ESA (Enterprise Software and Applications: ERP, PLM, Decision tools…), Application of Future Internet (AFI).

I-VLab is composed of 60 partners representing 200 researchers and Engineers. The partners are grouped by regions: the regional group is called a “Pole”. Today there are 9 poles spread from the North to the South of Europe with one pole located in China. The main activities of I-VLab are to provide to our partners information and knowledge , to provide support in the elaboration of research projects and to disseminate the results of these projects.


INTEROP-VLab will be responsible for leading the WP7 “Symbiotic business-innovation strategy in product-service value chains” and the task 4 “Validation of the Stakeholders’ and Business Requirements” in WP2.

I-VLab will provide its experience gained in other projects in:

  • analysis and evaluation of elements of the business-innovation strategy;

  • application of innovation models in the use cases;

  • selection and evaluation of the main performance indicators in the use case value chains;

  • enterprise modelling in the establishment of Business and IT requirements of industrial cases.

I-VLab will participate in WP11 “Scientific and Industrial Dissemination” providing its experience in dissemination of research results and communication activities (strategy and implementation, using off- and on-line materials).