FRATELLI PIACENZA is a leading name in the production of high-quality fabrics and clothing. They are used to facing new challenges, pioneering ingenious solutions in a host of fields in their 300 years of history. They want to keep their natural inclination towards intuition focused on producing fabrics with innovative looks and performance, while respecting the craftsmanship that is still a hallmark of the wool mill to this day.


PIACENZA textiles will lead the implementation of innovative symbiotic business processes relevant to the design of personalised and exclusive textile fabric by fashion industry and communities of independent tailors. The innovative BPs will be based on IT tools allowing the production of virtual prototypes of the fabric, as well as their integration into virtual showrooms environments where customers could get all the needed information (augmented reality) and make their orders. Benefits are expected to affect the enrichment of Piacenza value proposition and customer portfolio, the reduction of costs and efforts related to seasonal samples and the optimization and digitalization of a reverse make-to-order supply chain.