NECO is a tool manufacturer (Ardatz, CASTLE and Laborde) which possesses an experience of over 75 years in the design, manufacturing and marketing of precision cutting tools and thread rolling tools.

NECO is integrated into the structure of Tivoly Group, and currently, the plant of NECO in Elorrio has become the focal point of the group for the design and manufacturing of taps, providing solutions to all requirements of the group on such tools.

Currently, NECO’s most important products are drills, taps, milling machines, reamers, rollers and other special tools.

NECO uses the European Excellence Model of the EFQM management model as reference. Based on the exercise of leadership and guided by a multi-year Strategic Plan, NECO is driven by the satisfaction of its customers, counting with the participation of all the people.Read more

50% of the NECO net sales (over 10 million €) take place in foreign markets, with a presence in over 40 countries worldwide.

The orientation towards the customer is reflected in its organization into divisions aimed at different markets to which they target their products and services. To provide greater responsiveness to changing market needs, the divisions are organized into multidisciplinary teams.

NECO has significant resources, both human and material, oriented to the innovation of its products and services. NECO conducts joint development projects with technology centres, devoting to them a 2% of its sales budget. The R&D Department, created in 1997, is primarily focused on the development of projects, plans and target search, definition, development and implementation of innovations and improvements on products, processes or services.

The main activities carried out in this area are: development and definition of new products, definition of technical criteria, design high speed tools, participation in the development of coatings with superfine hard layers, cutting tests, strengthening partnerships with technology centres and research institutions, training of staff, technical advice to customers, other departments , etc.


NECO’s objective in the PSYMBIOSYS project is to develop advanced forecasting capabilities, ideally at a customer and process level, of the inventory and manufacturing needs to support this type of operations with the customers based on information shared about machine tool condition, use and same specific process parameters.