TXT e-Solutions is a private, mid-sized software vendor and system integration company, with its headquarters in Milan and growing branch offices in Genoa, Turin, Bari, Rome, Vicenza, Paris and Lyon (F), Barcelona (E), Chemnitz and Halle (D) and London (UK). Thanks to a highly qualified and motivated staff of about 450 people, 90% of which are graduates, the 2012 turnover of 50 million Euro. TXT is a technology intensive Company, offering to its customers complete solutions, based upon kernel products, high-level competence on enabling, innovative IT and specific know-how in a number of application domains. It acts on the market through four business divisions:

Industry & Retail Division, which, focusing on the manufacturing industry and supply chains automation, provides solutions in demand and assortment planning, retail management, production planning, product development, supply-chain planning and logistics for medium-to-large companies.
TXT Next Division, formed by: the Aerospace & Defense Business Unit, which focuses on real-time, safety-critical, embedded systems in domain such as avionics, defense, medical equipment, and utilities and the Banking & Finance Business Unit, which provides advanced solutions for the B&F sector, mainly in the field of home banking, knowledge management and corporate portals.


TXT has three major roles to play in the project: WP6 leader (service oriented and event driven secure architecture for Manufacturing Intelligence), WP11 leader (communication, dissemination, exploitation) and main IT partner for the implementation of the complex and high-price product manufacturer pilot. For the first role, TXT is currently involved with similar roles in the FITMAN FI PPP project, where the Smart Factory reference architecture could be adopted in this project. For the second role, TXT is a primary solution provider in “ICT for Manufacturing” and Manufacturing Intelligence software vendor (TXT Perform product) and will try to extend its customers portfolio to product-service value chains.