Aug 17, 2014
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Author: <span class="vcard">Patrizia Lunghitano</span>

Berliner RE Symposium 2016



Request management – a success factor for the digital transformation?

Berlin requirements engineering will take place under this motto on Tuesday, the 17th November 2016 Symposium for the sixth time.

Biba and Fraunhofer will be present at the event.

Berlin, Germany – 17 November 2016



IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2016 (IFIP ICEC 2016)

September 28-30, 2016
Vienna, Austria

The IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing is the longest lasting scientific conference series in the area of Entertainment Computing. It brings together practitioners, researchers, artists working on the design, creation, development, use, application and evaluation of digital content and systems for inducing entertainment in respective consumers.

The conference series aims at presenting high quality scientific results spanning from theory to applications, use cases and experiments. We solicit paper, poster and demonstration submissions, as well as proposals for tutorials and workshops.

BIBA will be present at the event.

APMS 2016


Co-organization of the SM & CPPS SIG Workshop

APMS (Advances in Production Ma Systems) 2016 is organized by Working Group 5.7 (WG5.7) in IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing). WG5.7 was established in 1978, and organized annual conference, named APMS. The APMS conference is the official conference of IFIP WG5.7 on Advances in Production Management Systems, bringing together leading experts from academia and industry.


Discussions of production management systems through research papers, case studies, and state-of-the-arts reports.
The Conference should bring up future visions based on mid- and long-term perspectives.

BIBA presented a paper at the event.

Iguassu Falls, Brazil 3-7 September 2016

European Data Forum 2015, Session 6: Educating Data Scientists & Data Skills


Sergio Gusmeroli presented “Implementing Factories of the Future and Industry 4.0 paradigms: the role of data-driven skills and blue collar workers’ education” where PSYMBIOSYS was introduced basically in its Tussle Professional Knowledge – Crowd Wisdom as an example where digital service-oriented skills are necessary in PSS design and in understanding sentiment and trends.gusmeroli

IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2015, Tokyo, Japan


The adoption of advanced manufacturing intelligence technologies offers opportunities for new profitable business models. The basis for this is the data that is related to the manufactured product, the physical components used for the manufacturing and the services that are applied in this context. In such a Product-Service System (PSS) there are several interactions and corresponding dependencies between physical products and services that have to be managed to obtain an optimal added value from the PSS. A first step is to make the informational interactions between Product and Service Lifecycle Management (PLM and SLM) transparent and visualize them. The objective of the paper, here presented by Frounhofer, is therefore to identify and visualize the interactions between SLM and PLM in general and as a subsequent step in a use case of a manufacturing enterprise.

APMS 2015 Fraunofer

IFIP WG 5.7 International Conference, APMS 2015


Engineering of systems is highly influenced by rapid technological changes, such as the emergence of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). These are interconnected embedded systems enabled by human-machine interaction. Realisation of CPS require a collaboration between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science since different components are delivered and developed by different disciplines. Consequently, the Requirements Engineering (RE) process needs to consider multi-disciplinary perspectives. The objective of the paper presented in this conference is to elaborate the specific challenges of RE for CPS in a distributed environment and to identify knowledge sources and targets in CPS engineering. It describes the relevant types of knowledge and defines appropriate exchange mechanisms and standards.

APMS 2015



Theoretical and practical experiences show that transition towards IPSS pushes organisations to change their strategies, operations and value chains, technologies, people expertise and system integration capabilities. Innovative knowledge intensive solutions, business and societal value from expertise in varied domains, new solutions design, development and delivery throughout the product lifecycle are the key drivers to promote a competitive advantage in the long term.
As a consequence, different competences and multidisciplinary approaches are requested to have a complete understanfing of the IPSS (Industrial Products-Service System) and PSS (Product-Service System) phenomena. The aim of the IPSS 2016 (Product-Service Systems across Life Cycle) conference is to promote new knowledge in the Product-Service Systems field along all its life cycle phases and facilitate its dissemination among academics and practitioners.

I-ESA 2016


Workshop: “New Approaches to Product Service Systems“
This workshop had a two-fold objective:
• To present new concepts, methods and IT tools to support Product-Service System (P-SS) in order to produce sustainable product-service solutions and to reduce the time-to-market.
• To discuss how to define and set-up a sound methodological framework for P-SS including definition of a service strategy and description of innovative P-S business models.
Within this context, Sergio Gusmeroli presented in detail five main obstacles hindering the implementation of the PSS within manufacturing companies. He brings Piacenza as a real case study, while discussing on PSY approach and solutions for overcoming these barriers.

INNOVAWOOD General Assembly 2016:


AIDIMME presented PSYMBIOSYS project and the Furniture Trial in particular with a specific poster in the Exhibition area at the INNOVAWOOD annual General Assembly in Montpellier (France), March 15-17. AIDIMME created awareness about the PSYMBIOSYS Furniture Trial among Research Institutions and Universities experts in wood, cork, pulp and paper, etc.

AIDIMME INNOVAWOOD poster presentation

Fair Habitat – February 01-05 2016:


AIDIMME presented the PSYMBIOSYS project and Furniture trial in their own booth at the Habitat Fair in Valencia (Spain), during February 01-05. Feria Habitat is a showcase to the world of creativity, innovation and design mainly “Made in Spain”. The commercial offer of Feria Habitat Valencia integrates all elements of Habitat for the home and facilities; furniture, lighting, decoration, home textiles, kitchens, etc.  The Fair is considered a business platform for international markets which brings together the leading companies in the sector and to the entire chain of distribution of the sector: prescribers, commerce, groups of purchase, commercial agents and contract professionals. Habitat Valencia Fair is held simultaneously with other major fairs related to habitat: CEVISAMA (ceramic tile industry) and FIMMA- MADERALIA (wood machinery) every year. AIDIMME will take part again next February 2017.AIDIMME Fair Habitat booth