Fair Habitat – February 01-05 2016:

AIDIMME presented the PSYMBIOSYS project and Furniture trial in their own booth at the Habitat Fair in Valencia (Spain), during February 01-05. Feria Habitat is a showcase to the world of creativity, innovation and design mainly “Made in Spain”. The commercial offer of Feria Habitat Valencia integrates all elements of Habitat for the home and facilities; furniture, lighting, decoration, home textiles, kitchens, etc.  The Fair is considered a business platform for international markets which brings together the leading companies in the sector and to the entire chain of distribution of the sector: prescribers, commerce, groups of purchase, commercial agents and contract professionals. Habitat Valencia Fair is held simultaneously with other major fairs related to habitat: CEVISAMA (ceramic tile industry) and FIMMA- MADERALIA (wood machinery) every year. AIDIMME will take part again next February 2017.AIDIMME Fair Habitat booth

ASME 2015 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE 2015

Rapid technological changes have a large influence in the field of engineering systems. However, just being fast is not sufficient; additionally, the system has to be user-friendly, flexible and cost effective. Serious Games (SG), as fast-paced, immersive, interactive media, have not only become popular in various learning and training environments, including engineering, but there are also several examples on how game-based mechanisms can be used to enhance User Experience (UX) and performance. So far, gamification of Mechanical Engineering Systems (MES) have not reached their full potential, due to the fact that gamification efforts are costly, time consuming to develop, and require the constant involvement of MES developers even for small changes. Furthermore, its adaption to MES requires specific knowledge in game design and development. Thus, as demand for user friendlier, intuitive interfaces increases, there is also a need for support tools that enable access to design and development of gamification mechanisms for non-SG professionals. In this context, the authors discuss the creation of a library of User Interface (UI) automation tools that enables gamification and through which tutors can create interactive learning scenarios to guide users through the functionalities of engineering systems. Such tools have the potential to support knowledge processes, respectively knowledge experiencing, conceptualizing, analyzing and applying, in engineering environments.

ASME 2015

7th CIRP conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPSS)

The adoption of advanced manufacturing intelligence technologies requires managing the interaction of information in Product-Service Systems (PSS) by combining Product (PLM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM). While up to now no sound methodology exists, there is a strong need to have bi-directional coordination and interaction between PLM and SLM in a systematic way. A further challenge is to close loops, for example feedback from service delivery to the beginning-of-life phase of products.

BIBA presented a paper on this subject on 7th CIRP conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPSS) on 21-22/05/2015 in St. Etienne, France.  The objective of this paper is therefore to identify the interactions between SLM and PLM in manufacturing firms, based on expert interviews and illustrated in PSS use cases.

CIRP IPSS conference