Author: A. Michalitsi-Psarrou, E. Biliri, S. Wiesner, P. Kokkinakos, M. Petychakis, F. Lampathaki, D. Askounis
I-ESA’ 16 workshops (BIBA, NTUA) March 29-30, 2016 Guimarães, Portugal

Product-Service bundles are an instrumental part of the manufacturing industries’ offering, creating a unique value proposition. The present paper aims at investigating the Knowledge-Sentiment innovation in Product-Service Design that facilitates the development of symbiotic products/services, characterized by advanced manufacturing intelligence and aligned with the customers’ preferences. With regard to Knowledge that implies professional (mostly product-related) knowledge traditionally originating from engineering departments, management and sharing mechanisms are studied to capture knowledge within the manufacturer. With Sentiment representing stakeholder opinions and ideas, social media and ideation platforms are explored as a way to leverage crowd wisdom, connecting directly and indirectly manufacturers and consumers across the P-S value chain.

Date of publication: 2016