The goal is to enable talented business professionals to create custom mobile applications, as well as web applications for the enterprise to use.

To this end, we deliver a visual, mostly codeless (drag and drop), cloud-based environment to construct mobile applications. This tool uses enterprise-managed interfaces and provides a consumable, high-level integrated approach to building mobile applications that are not specific to any single platform or device, however do utilize the device native functionalities. The tool enables business professionals to enhance manufacturing intelligence efficiency and productivity through mobile and web applications.

The environment includes following part.

Development Environment

Provide visual and simplified development environment with wizard guided support for rapid application construction, through backend discovery and binding, data model creation, application views and navigation definition.

Mobile Runtime Environment

Provide mobile middleware to support the application models using mobile controls and metaphors. Embed best practices and know how to provide superior UX and performance.

Application Model

Provide models that fit the set of requirements common to SOA business applications, and make it easy to provide order of magnitude speedup of development.



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