Anlzer - Crowd Innovation Platform

Anlzer offers insights into social media discussions and other online sources with social features, which can be leveraged towards enhanced future product-service designs. Casual online discussions and expressed opinions, often presented as facts, are a large source of subjective statements which, if properly analyzed, can give valuable insights into customer preferences, needs, desires and even complaints. The PSYMBIOSYS crowd innovation platform aspires to turn these emotion-driven insights into product-service recommendations and unveil hidden relations among P-S bundles or specific features, guiding the design team towards better and more innovative decisions.

Sentiment analysis

gain fine-grained insights into people's feelings and opinions towards provided products and services

Customizable and flexible reports

adjust information querying, filtering and visualization to the various and diverse needs of manufacturers and product service designers

Social media mining

tap the power of unstructed online user created content and leverage the power of the crowd

Product-service correlation identification

reveal hidden links among product-service features as perceived by current and prospective customers