Semantic Mediator (SEMed)

The provided Semantic Mediator Administration is a web application which is loosely coupled to the Specific Enabler SEMed and is implemented in JAVA EE. Therefore, the web application is accessible throw a web browser and enables a simple integration into exiting IT-infrastructure.


Thanks to SEMed, Semantic Mediator Administration provides a semantic mediation layer of product-item and lifecycle data. It is capable of extracting data from common data sources like data bases, XML files or web services. The extracted data is used to generate a unified logical view over all data sources. Subsequently, the unified view could be used to request specific information or to enable information driven services.


The unified view is codified as an ontology, offering the data source independent provision of a common terminology. The common terminology maps specific data source dependent data schemas to the ontology. This approach guarantees a robust terminology on service level, while data schemas of data sources are evolving. Each information request is defined on basis of the ontology. Moreover, the user is supported to select the relevant concepts and properties to define an information request in an easy way. The backend derives the corresponding SPARQL query and, therefore, the user does not have to be familiar with query languages at all.


Apart from the information request, information services could be built on top. The included information driven service enables a dynamic reporting function which is customizable according to the data sources, the reported data and the integrated charts. All this details can be configured and summarized to a report configuration. Then, each user can select a report configuration and generates a report. Each report contains current data and a chart for quick interpretation. The generated report can be stored and shared as a pdf file.



Semantic Mediator