Psymbiosys concept in Product Service design value chain

Inadequate Requirements Engineering (RE) is a main reason for exceeding budgets, missing functionalities or even the abortion of development projects. Errors in the requirements specification are mostly discovered late in the development process, thus substantially contributing to higher costs in order to compensate for and correct the errors. Engineering of PSS requires the orchestration of distributed products, services and ICT for a common purpose. Existing RE methodologies of the product, service and software disciplines focus on the respective domain, not considering interdisciplinary requirements handling. There is a lack of a holistic, interdisciplinary view and the corresponding interfaces.
PSYMBIOSYS offers a collaborative RE Framework for symbiotic PSS, which covers both the development and the management of requirements. It provides models, methods and tools that can support servitizing companies in the elicitation, analysis, specification and validation of PSS requirements, as well as fostering traceability, change management and testing. The RE framework is able to handle a large number of interoperable product, service and IT components and is applicable for a large number of stakeholders from different disciplines, separated spatially and organizationally to create a common view of the targeted system.
An example of a method in the framework is gamification, meaning using game-based elements and mechanisms in the RE process with the purpose of employing the motivational properties of games and making need identification more effective. The game can develop explicit routines for team-based ideation work, together with a technological infrastructure that allows for communication about, and experimentation with more or less finished ideas. The objective for the elicitation process would therefore be to play with different options in a virtual environment for discovering the limitation of the defined requirements with immediate feedback on how the decision or a change in a variable will influence the system configuration for validation.