Relevant tools in users' enviroment

Relevant tools of the PSYMBIOSYS users have been identified during the initial phases of the project, and considered in the early deliverables of this WP3.

We consider following tools, environments and methodologies both for PLM (Product Lifecycle Managemet) and  for ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)

The adaptations and extensions applied to tools as the PSYMBIOSYS foreground are marked with red highlight glow in the picture on the right.

  • Linked data over the semantic web with OSLC via the reference implementation OSLC4J in the Lyo Eclipse open source project.

  • Semantic Mediation Container by IBM.

  • Jira by Atlassian.

  • Bugzilla open source initiated by the Mozilla foundation.

  • The OGZilla system that is made up by Excel macros, that enhance Excel as an OSLC consumer, and a Bugzilla proxy that exposes Bugzilla managed tickets as OSLC resources.

  • TXT PLM tool.

  • ARAS PLM tool.

  • M3 Innovalia tool.