Symbiotic Knowledge-Sentiment cooperation

Symbiotic Knowledge-Sentiment cooperation

In accordance with the PSYMBIOSYS reference architecture, the Symbiotic Platform for knowledge-sentiment innovation aims at providing the mechanisms and infrastructure required to foster knowledge-sentiment cooperative innovation in the design of product-service bundles. Such a platform aims to guide and support the P-S design team, as well as other interested parties, through the methodological steps of symbiotic knowledge-sentiment innovation.

In order to implement the necessary functionalities to meet the requirements of the P-S design process, the platform integrates a large number of text processing algorithms, semantically aware analysis techniques, large-scale computations and intuitive interactive dashboards that will visualize information coming from internal knowledge management, structured ideation processes and crowd insights.
In terms of actors to be involved, the overall platform primarily addresses the needs of the P-S design team in terms of bringing crowd wisdom, fresh ideas and underlying domain knowledge in an innovative integrated procedure.
To this direction, the platform supports the inclusion of multiple stakeholders related to the P-S lifecycle, either directly or indirectly, often without actual physical presence and interaction but through expressed opinions and sentiments that are retrieved, processed and visualized by the actual users. Therefore, the platforms provision for certain user roles, which may be organized under different access classification schemes, e.g. as follows: P-S Manager, P-S Design Team, Workers, and General Public.

The Symbiotic Knowledge-Sentiment Innovation Platform consists of three independent platforms, namely:

Crowd Innovation Platform

allowing a manufacturer to gain market-oriented insights and understand the crowd sentiment beyond the enterprise boundaries.

Idea Generation Platform

aims at facilitating open innovation in manufacturing by supporting ideation processes.

Professional Innovation Platform

purpose of facilitating access to knowledge sources within the enterprise.