The platform (TIAP) allows to manage Tangible and Intangible assets of companies as a service, transforming static description into powerful services to be exploited. Typical tangible assets are machineries which services can be the hours of work correlated to the activities that they can perform. Same approach for the intangible assets that can be skills of the workforce.

The need for exchanging information inside a network of companies is a strategic but difficult task. Same items are called in different ways, the visibility of the availability is difficult as well as the process to find an agreement. The assets platform allows network to describe its own assets in order to be able, when needed, to complement them with other partner’s assets. The application can be applied to strategic, tactical and operational level. At Strategic level the need could be a new business opportunity for which a new consortium should be set based on strategic competencies, at operational level could be to find a missing asset in daily operations (EG: reacting to a machinery failure).


This is a selection of services offered:

  • find a specific machinery in the industrial district to support maintenance activities reacting to a need (ie: production pick, down of a machinery, etc.);

  • create a team of expert for a new project;

  • find a person owning a specific competence ;

  • analyse, at strategic level, company/ecosystem assets to identify its strength and weaknesses;

  • partner search to answer to the new business opportunity found from the new productservice creating a strong and long collaboration with them in order to form virtual enterprises.








Four integrated modules

The TIAP software platform is composed by four integrated modules, based on FITMAN components. CAM is the architectural basis providing basis functionalities. The SCapp, working on top of the CAM functionalies provides advanced functionalities.  The two GUIs (CAN and SCApp) have been integrated in to a unique visualisation.

MoVa and GetoVa

MoVa and GetoVa are going to be addressed in next version  but are already indicated and defined as part of the final architecture. MoVa, similarly to SCApp works on top of assets stored in lined-USDL to provide functionalities. GeToVa provides the functionalities to ingest assets from non-structured data sources like CV and companies descriptions.

TIAP functionalities

TIAP has more than 25 functionalities able to support activities during creation fase, management and discard decision.

Open Source

Open source software has a lot of advantages: first of all it is free; it’s continually evolving in real time as developers add to it and modify it; using open source software you are not locked in to using a particular vendor’s; you can modify and adapt open source software for your own business requirements.